Cow creek Baptist | Ravenna, KY

Posted Date 5/11/2023

Small country church need an experienced pastor to bring God's word to lead and become part of our church family. A parsonage is available.

Pastor Job Description


Title: Pastor of Cow Creek Baptist Church at 1575 Cow Creek Road, Ravenna KY 40472
Employed by: The active and voting members of Cow Creek Baptist Church
General note: The following job description for Cow Creek Baptist Church shall be reviewed by the candidate.

Principle Functions:
1.The pastor shall be responsible to the church to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ using the King
James Version Bible. The pastor will state agreement with the articles of faith as set forth by the
Baptist faith and message. The pastor will comply with the Cow Creek Baptist Church By-Laws and
Constitution at all times.
2. Skills/Training/Certification
Baptist Ordination Certificate
Affiliated with the KY Baptist Convention and Cooperative Program
Effective preacher/teacher
Good communication skills
Strong leadership skills
Compassionate for all
3. Plan and conduct all worship services, deliver sermons, and lead all ordinances.
4. Visit church members and prospects including the homebound/shut in, nursing home residents, and
those in hospitals. Visitation is considered a priority and will require substantial time and commitment.
5. Conduct counseling sessions, perform wedding ceremonies and funerals.
6. Work with all church officers including Deacons, committee members, and members to train and lead
the church in their ministry.
7. Act as moderator of all church business meetings.
8. With the help of church members including Deacons and Staff, lead the church in organizing, directing,
and coordinating the overall church program.
Develop long term plans/goals for Cow Creek Baptist Church's growth and ministry.

Part Time/Bi-Vocational
Avg Worship Attendance?

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