Oak Grove Missionary Baptist Church | Russellville, KY

Posted Date 1/23/2022

Oak Grove Baptist Church is currently seeking a man called of God to serve as full time pastor.

Oak Grove Baptist Church is located roughly 6 miles northeast of Russellville on state highway 79, in a community that is growing daily. In the past five years numerous homes have been built in the area as many people want their children to go to the local elementary/middle school Chandlers. Chandlers School is located less than half a mile from the church and with the number of people in the area and the school’s proximity to the church create a large local mission field. The congregation has a desire to open doors and to reach these homes and school children to continue to serve the community.  

The congregation is a very loyal, loving, giving, and a prayerful congregation. The majority of the church is over the age of 50, but the entire church has a desire to rebuild and grow all aspects of the church from children/youth to all aspects of adulthood.   The adults of the church are committed to following God’s Will in service and growth. The church has a desire for unity and spiritual growth for each other and growth in numbers. While the congregation is grounded in tradition, we are willing to try new ideas and programs as long as they are based in the scripture.

The congregation of Oak Grove is seeking a man and his family that will lead and guide the church into the future following God’s commands and completing His work in our community and beyond.   

**Salary information posted below includes: base salary, housing allowance, ministry reimbursement, retirement and insurance.  


To apply please send your resume to:

Oak Grove Baptist Church

P.O. Box 456

Russellville, KY 42276

Salary50000.00 - 50000.00 Annual
Full Time
Avg Worship Attendance?

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