Minister of Worship and Executive Pastor

Dutch Fork

Posted Date 1/19/2022

Job Description for the Worship and Executive Pastor

Full Time 40 Hours Weekly

Dutch Fork Church


Principle Role: The Worship Pastor’s principal role is to oversee the music ministry team of the church by developing, coordinating and administering Spirit-led worship while providing leadership and supervision of the music programs and the technical staff and equipment.


Qualifications: The Minister of Worship and Executive Pastor has accepted Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord and must be a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ. The Minister of Worship and Executive Pastor must have received appropriate training in worship and music. A degree is preferred but not contingent on the position. The individual should have a minimum of three to five years of experience in leading worship and developing a comprehensive music/worship ministry. Ordination as a Minister of the Gospel is also a preferred status for this position.


Additional qualifications include extensive knowledge in the use of computers, software, excelling in ministry commitment, conduct, and professionalism. The Minister of Worship and Executive Pastor must be a self-starter; team oriented, and must have the ability to manage multiple priorities and projects concurrently.


Supervisor: The immediate supervisor of the Minister of Worship and Executive Pastor is the lead or Senior Pastor.


Worship Ministry Duties and Responsibilities:


  1. Model and lead in Biblical Worship that draws people to participate in the worship of God.
  2. Guide and instruct the congregation in the understanding of true Biblical worship both privately and corporately.
  3. Shepherd the worship team (vocalist and instrumentalist) with weekly devotions and times of prayer.
  4. Work weekly with the pastor to plan and prepare for the worship service.
  5. Be responsible for previewing and selecting the music. Rehearse weekly with the worship team on Wednesdays and Sundays.
  6. Have musical skills in singing and playing an instrument (piano or guitar preferred but not limited to).
  7. Oversee and provide direction to the vocalists, instrumentalists and technicians that are responsible for audio, media, lighting and other worship-related technical equipment (ProPresenter, in-ear monitor system, live stream, etc.)
  8. Enlist and use the talents within the congregation.
  9. Work with the Communications Director and Media Tech in loading up all media into the ProPresenter for Sunday mornings (i.e., loading worship songs and order of service). Meet weekly to proof all media presentations.
  10. Oversee and develop a comprehensive worship music program for the church that includes a children’s choir ministry (or worship arts ministry for children), youth worship music ministry (band or choir), and an adult worship choir ministry.
  11. Plan special worship events that will work with the church’s mission and calendar.
  12. Provide materials, supplies, instruments and other music equipment for use in the church worship ministry.
  13. Coordinate annual worship music budget requests. Administer the annual budget as designated for the worship music ministry activities.
  14. Directly supervise any music associates (paid or volunteer), instrumental directors, organists, pianists, music secretaries, etc.
  15. Attend all Deacons meetings, staff meetings and staff prayer time.
  16. Attend conferences and meetings or any type of furthering education that will strengthen you and the worship ministry.


Executive Pastor Responsibilities:


  1. Teach “Connecting Through Worship” class every three weeks.
  2. Provide assistance and counsel when needed or requested for special events such as weddings, funerals, Vacation Bible School, DFC Preschool programs and banquets.
  3. Hospital visitations as needed.
  4. Contact prospective church members as needed.
  5. Oversee the administrative use of the facilities which includes scheduling, maintenance and repairs.
  6. Supervise ministerial staff and ministry support staff.




Full Time

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