Part-Time Worship Pastor

Ballardsville Baptist Church | Crestwood, KY

Posted Date 5/23/2023



  1. Sound doctrinally and biblically in the context of the general guidelines of the Baptist Faith and Message.
  2. A college graduate or pursuing a degree at an accredited institution, preferably with an emphasis in worship leadership or church music.
  3. Be talented and experienced vocally, comfortable speaking from the stage, and proficient in directing vocal and instrumental ensembles.
  4. Have a testimony of becoming a disciple of Jesus and how God is currently working in his life as a disciple of Jesus.
  5. Member of a Church, preferably Southern Baptist, and join this church following a call to this pastoral staff.
  6. Have a calling into the ministry and experience within the ministry of music and worship.
  7. Be genuinely flexible, open to, and supportive of the Senior Pastor’s input on issues of music style, presentation, and service planning.
  8. Be proficient in Microsoft Office, ProPresenter, and Planning Center Services.
  9. Have general skills in operating digital audio mixers.


  1. 20 hours per week, including preparation time, rehearsals, and all regularly scheduled church services.
  2. Notify the pastor regarding absences and coordinate ministry for time away.
  3. Vacation, Holidays, and sick time will follow the church’s Vacation and Sick Leave Policy.
  4. One week is allotted for leading Revival services in another church.
  5. One week for leadership training.



  1. Direct Vocal Leaders and Worship Band (and Worship Choir if needed).
  2. Oversee and communicate with the production team and its various positions to assist in carrying out Sunday and other special worship services.
  3. Support the Youth and Children’s Music activities in cooperation with the NextGen Pastor.
  4. Oversee compliance with music copyright and live streaming matters to ensure they meet CCLI requirements.
  5. Actively seek to make disciples through the worship arts ministry of the church.
  6. Coordinate the worship arts ministry with the church calendar and seasonal emphases (e.g., Christmas, Easter, etc.).
  7. Work with the Elders in planning the annual budget for all worship arts programs.
  8. Supervise the maintenance of the music library, both print and digital.
  9. Plan services and coordinate worship arts ministry leadership to fill in during absences.
  10. Actively engage in and oversee mentoring/apprenticeship relationships with worship arts team members for ministry growth and lay leadership development.


  1. Lead weekly worship team meeting to plan services and volunteers.
  2. Participate in weekly staff meetings.
  3. Lead Vocal Leaders/Worship choir and Worship band rehearsal weekly.
  4. Musical worship leadership in all services or as the Senior Pastor directs.
  5. Regularly review the video recording of Sunday gatherings to note areas for personal and ministry-wide improvement.
  6. Create (or oversee the creation of) ProPresenter presentations for all services and live streaming and cry room/foyer TV display.
  7. Ensure live stream and archived videos are correctly uploaded on the website and internet.
  8. Prepare for printing the “Order of Service” for staff/ushers/worship band/media team in cooperation with the Senior Pastor and staff.
  9. Meet established deadlines when publishing the Order of Worship, providing music for musicians, or other distributions.
  10. Work with the Production team to ensure maximized use of audio-visual tools.
  11. Develop additional worship ministry leadership.


  1. Provide spiritual leadership for Worship Ministry volunteers.
  2. The direct supervisor of the Worship Minister is the Senior Pastor.
  3. A annual Performance and Development Appraisal will be conducted with the Senior Pastor.
  4. The Elders and Personnel Team will review salary once per year.


Salary20,800.00 - 20,800.00 Annual
Part Time/Bi-Vocational
Avg Worship Attendance?

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