Minister of Music & Worship

First Baptist Church of Franklin | Franklin, KY

Posted Date 1/21/2022

Minister of Music & Worship

First Baptist Church

Franklin, KY


The Minister of Music and Worship shall be passionate about connecting people with God through music, media, and the arts.

The Minister of Music & Worship should:


  • Be divinely called and equipped as a worship minister.
  • Possess a biblical theology of worship and can teach from that theological framework.
  • Exhort, teach, equip and challenge worshipers into deeper expressions of devotion and adoration through musical gifting and training so that they lead and empower the congregation.
  • Build and administrate a strong multi-generational Music Ministry.
  • Have technical knowledge and aptitude for audio-visual equipment and staging.
  • Have the heart of a shepherd, desiring to help care for those in the Music Ministry, as well as all members of the congregation.


Job Description


The Minister of Music & Worship will lead all aspects of the Music Ministry at First Baptist Franklin.  The Minister of Music & Worship shall be a well-trained professional, committed to the ministry of Music for First Baptist Franklin, always focusing on Jesus Christ. The Minister of Music & Worship will lead the congregation in a robust multi-generational music ministry, ministering to all ages and encompassing several styles to facilitate worship for our multi-generational church. The Minister of Music & Worship shall possess the administrative skills necessary to perform his or her duties and carry out details as well as the interpersonal, relational skills for working with all age groups within the church.



The Minister of Music & Worship must be able to create a meaningful connection between God and people during a worship experience. In doing this, the Minister of Music & Worship must:


  • Give witness to a calling by God to lead worship.
  • Be flexible with music styles to reach the most people.
  • Have the ability to read music and play an instrument.
  • Demonstrate ability to draw people into worship participation.
  • Have excellent people and pastoral skills.
  • Be creative and unafraid to explore new areas and expressions of worship.
  • Have a working understanding of the technical aspects of multimedia, sound systems, digital and analog sound boards, presentation software, and computers.



1.Recruit, train, encourage and support lay people in the various volunteer ministries of Music and Worship Arts in our congregation.

  • Provide regular training sessions for musicians, vocalists, artists and other related volunteers in the ministry.
  • Have the technical knowledge to trouble shoot wiring/sound issues and can train others on sound equipment.
  • Develop new worship aids in choirs, ensembles, trios, quartets, orchestra, and other special musical groups.


  1. Develop a Music ministry strategy including long-range goals and short-term objectives for the entire church. Be a motivated resource and catalyst for the following multi-generational ministries in the Music & Worship Arts.
  • Happyland Daycare
  • Children's Ministry
  • Youth Ministry
  • Adult Ministry
  • Senior Adult Ministry


  1. Plan and oversee the worship services in cooperation with the Pastor and other Worship personnel.
  • Organize and communicate specific service needs to Audio/Visual team.
  • Oversee and support the leadership teams for the ministry of the Adult Choir, and occasionally a Senior Adult Choir, Youth Choir, and Children’s Choir. (Not all of these choirs are functional at this time, but there is interest.)
  • Oversee and support the leadership teams for the auxiliary ministries of the Music and Arts ministry such as Praise Team, Handbell Choir, and Drama ministry, not all of whom are functional currently.
  • Pastoral visits to active, inactive and prospective members of the congregation, especially when those members impact the Music Ministry.
  • Generate effective publicity for music ministry activities through the website, online media venues, and church bulletin.
  • Research and schedule special music events such as programs for outreach.
  1. Attend workshops and personal growth conferences to stay informed on new effective ways to implement Music Ministry.


Other Responsibilities:

  • Work in harmony with pastor and other staff personal.
  • Attend weekly staff meetings, giving input, information, inspiration, and leadership to the overall ministry of the church.
  • Keep a weekly schedule coordinated with all other staff schedules.
  • Stay in daily contact with administrative staff concerning hospital calls, home calls, and of the needs of the church.
  • Be a part of monthly Deacons meetings as well as other related ministry meetings.
  • Be involved in a visible way in the church's overall ministry.


Budget Oversight:

The Minister of Music and Worship will directly oversee the Music and Arts budget and the Multi-Media budget in conjunction with the lay leadership of the Music and Worship Team, Media Team and the Pastor.

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