Ararat Baptist Church | Jackson, TN

Posted Date 1/22/2022

Pastoral Profile

Experience:         At least 5 years experience

Education:           Seminary Degree Preferred

Family:                Preferably married.  We would like the pastor's wife to be involved in the church.

Skills/gifts:          Preaching, Prayer, Ability to work with others, Bible study, Reaching the Lost, Visiting church members and sick  

Cooperation:        Ararat is a Southern Baptist church.  Teh church will support the pastor's involvement in local associations

                           and state/national convention.

Experience with multi-staff church: referred but not required

Leadership style:         Shepard-Leader preferred - Pastor led, Committee operated, Deacon served

Community Involvement:      We expect the Pastor to be involved in the community

Theological Orientation:     We follow the Baptist Faith and Message



Salary70000.00 Annual
Avg Worship Attendance?

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